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Service is more than just a phrase to us.

We care about safety.

A large proportion of our metal sheets have already undergone an ultrasound test, as required by EN 10160 S1 E1, at the supplier factory before we receive them. Obviously, sheets which have not yet been tested, or which have undergone only low-level testing, can also be subjected to a subsequent ultrasound test.  

We test step by step.

Of course, we can also arrange all kinds of additional tests, such as Z15-Z35 tests, bead bend tests, folding tests or notched bar impact tests at individual test temperatures.

Various classification societies can also carry out external approval tests on our stock. We generally work with the classification society, Germanischer Lloyd.

We burn for our customers if we have to

We have a new autogenous cutting system, and we can help customers with tight deadlines, as long as we have the necessary DXF data.

We deliver rust-free and scale-free metal

Quick deliveries of irradiated, primed or pickled metal sheets are part of our everyday work. 

Menschen bei der Qualitätskontrolle
  • Ultrasonic test in our office
  • Tensile test in thickness direct. acc. DIN EN 101564 (Z15-Z35)
  • Weld bead bend test acc. SEP 1390 (plates acc. to DBS 918002-02fulfil this requirement from 30,1 mm thickness)
  • Material testing 3.1 C
  • Shot blasted and primed material
  • NC-controlled flame-cutting system